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A fellow home inspector and i were discussing something confusing to us.

Why is it so common for a person who is buying a home to wait until there is only a day or two left on the contract grace period to find and obtain the services of a home inspector or a radon measurement???

Why is this so? Shouldn't a person choose his inspector shortly after DECIDING to buy a home??

So it begs the question....

Who is dropping the ball when advising the client through a home sale?

When a client says :  "so what do i do next?"  honestly... where do some unethical agents decide to insert " get a home inspector" ??

you guessed it right..  as late in the game as possible. Less chance of " killing the deal" 

Don't you think that maybe the best thing a Home buyer can do is choose their Inspector BEFORE choosing an agent or deciding what kind of home to buy?

 1) You avoid a potential conflict of interest-  (some agents prefer THEIR inspector for obvious reasons.)

     BTW - most people are able to choose their own dentist, doctors, mechanics, bankers and so on.

             You do not have to choose an inspector on the AGENTS list. It should be your choice alone.

             Inspectors are not sub contractors for RE AGENTS. Although some would have you believe they are.

 2) An inspector can help a person really understand some differences in home construction in order to make a wise choice when buying what is one of the biggest purchases of a life time.

        Sometimes i can overhear an agent saying something is  "This is in really good shape" , or otherwise paintng a nice picture- but they should not be trying to influence someone like that.

 3) Giving yourself time to make a wise choice is always going to benefit you. ( Don't let anyone rush you)

    Look for the Home YOU want, and the Inspector YOU feel comfortable with.  Don't BUY A HOUSE BECAUSE YOU FEEL IT IS YOUR ONLY CHANCE.. No matter what they say.  Don't be forced to choose an Inspector on a list. make your own list. Don't ever have to wonder if...

 4) A home Inspector does NOT benefit from the SALE OF THE HOME.  A home Inspector does not even approve or disapprove a home purchase. A Home Inspector inspects and reports on the present condition of the home.

     Here is a question.... If you were going to buy a plane or a boat or a car, why wouldn't you go FIRST to someone who makes it their business to know what your getting into?- (Instead of someone who WANTS TO SELL YOU SOMETHING ASAP.)

In closing, i will just say that i hope this really clicks with some of you folks out there and i will admit that i write this to help me out too. I don't solicit RE agents for referrals. I love word of mouth from satisfied clients.

To all the good ethical RE agents out there - there is no need to be offended by what i wrote above - just a few bad apples out there.( and they seem to get rich the fastest unfortunately)


Joe Tribuzio


Elmwood Park IL 60707

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