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The Worst Job I Ever Had? Oh, you won't believe this...,

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Sometimes when the real estate business has really broken a board over my head, I try to think positive thoughts to pull myself up by my bootstraps and get back to work.  One of the best ways for me to do this is to remind myself of past jobs I've had that I might have ended up with had I not chosen real estate as a career.  It works!  Suddenly whatever situation you're in with your real estate career looks good compared to a past job that was miserable. 

My recall is not of a job in particular, but of ONE DAY on a job I had between my high school graduation and first year of college as a firefighter in the forest outside of Bend, Oregon.  I loved firefighting.  It was hard work for sure, but we were outdoors, eating well and earning some money.  One day we woke up early around 5 a.m., ate and formed up for a trek in the woods.  It was raining hard.  Our job was to walk to the bottom of a long slope and recover fire hose that had been left there with several pumps.  The walk down was OK, but the walk back up with two coils of hose up a slick mountain slope was miserable.  I clearly remember there was not a comfortable or dry spot on my body.  I went face down in the mud at least twice with 60 pounds of fire hose attached.  I went to school that Fall and studied like hell NOT to be a firefighter. 

So, what's your story?  I want to hear the one you remind yourself about when things get really out there.  Details, details.