Your City's 20 year plan and how it affects you

Real Estate Sales Representative with The Real Estate Group

Having a casual conversation with a friend of mine and the topic of new roadways came up.  Specifically there is a section of road in Virginia Beach named Nimmo Parkway.  Nimmo Parkway today is a series of half sections, half on one side of the city half down the road about 5 miles.  There is a plan in effect to connect these sections in the future. 

My friend stated "Do you think their agent told them about this roadway before they purchased that house"?  Really good question I thougt.  I know that I inform all my clients to check with the City prior to purchasing a home to find out city plans for the area the home is in.  I am sure not all Realtors practice this. 

The City's 20 year road plan could affect your decision on buying in a particular area. What if that major roadway is going to run right alongside your new dream home.  You may want to invest a little time looking into where future roadways will go and expansion of current roadways.

Go to your City's website and look for management services once there you will look under Capital Improvement and you should see "roadways" listed.  This is where you will find the most current agenda for future and current roadways. 


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