Fort Lee Relocation Services

Industry Observer

The Housing Services Office is located at 1510 Sisisky Blvd, Fort Lee, VA in the Welcome Center .

The hours are 8:30am to 5:00pm Mon. - Fri.  You can contact them at (804) 765-1963, 765-2016, 765-1961 or 765-1597.

All military personnel reporting to Fort Lee are required to report to the Housing Services Office for inprocessing. Personnel on Permissive TDY must provide their leave form for validation on the 1st day of arrival. Failure to do this may result in leave being charged to the Soldier. These programs are a free service designed to assist service members, retirees, and civilians looking for a place to call home or needing assistance after signing a lease. If you are inbound to Fort Lee your point of contact for any questions you may have concerning housing in the local area is your HSO. For those leaving Fort Lee, the HSO can also assist you with information about your next duty station and the availability of housing. The HSO staff also keeps up to date on local market conditions and landlord-tenet laws.

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