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Scheflera (umbrella tree) outside my window

I was with a Canadian from Edmunton yesterday who told me how every morning she had to start her car with a remote control so that by the time she needed to get in it, it was nice and toasty. She also said that they plug their cars in the wall in the night to keep their batteries warm so they will start the next day! And they have to hire snow shovelers to be able to get out of their houses!! Lordie!! It is sooo interesting learning about each city and the challenges they present for the new comers! 

In Tucson, Arizona my original home town, people learn how to deal with coyotes, scorpions, kissing bugs and how to get cactus out of your body when you accidentally fall in it! You also learn how to deal with flash floods.

In San Diego , my second home town, we all had to learn to drive in the FOG!! and learn how to prepare for earthquakes. And how to try and grow beautiful plants in clay!

Well, here in Guadalajara, Mexico, the second largest city in Mexico our challenge each year to share with newcomers is our rainy season. May is pretty warm here - and when people come to home search they can not believe we do not have air condition in our houses. We tell them, oh we don't need them!! Nor heaters!! We have perfect weather and of course they look at us like we have had too much tequila over the years..and that 90 degree weather IS NOT perfect weather. We assure them that in a couple weeks ' RAINY SEASON' will start and everything will be come perfect again! Thank goodness, they trust us and don't invest in the AC and find that yes, it is true - rainy season in Guadalajara cools down the whole city and makes it shiny and green! We love it when it starts!! Every day in the late afternoon, the clouds come in and the we have a down pour of warm water that travels about the city. We don't mind it because we know it is coming and do all of our shopping and chores before or after the downpour - avoiding actually being out there when the rain comes as it does become a bit chaotic in the traffic. And it rains and rains and RAINS...and after about three months (middle of September) we are getting pretty sick of the rain!! The trees are half covered with moss, sidewalks are beginning to look like garden with the plants growing up between the cracks. And then poof - it is gone!! Rain is over and we are sooooo happy!!!

And then it starts all over again!!! Water...the center of life!!

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Jose Gonzalez
Tu Casa Real Estate - Salem, OR

Mexico's rainy season I'm sure is much different than our Oregon rain!  Hope all is going well for you, take care.

Jun 26, 2009 12:17 PM