North Myrtle Beach Home Reductions and Confusing Deals...

Real Estate Broker/Owner with Eagle Realty

I need to vent a little bit first about a transaction that went bust.  In fact, we have all pretty much determined that if a Buyer wants a "smooth and easy" transaction this is not the market for them.  We as Realtors can only go so far as to make everything work and ok, but really, sellers and banks today are just literally insane.  I mean really, a seller trying to get out of a contract they signed, ratified and agreed too because a little higher offer came in a couple hours later and making it seem like that is ok or even unfair for her to honor her committment...AND SHE IS A LICENSED AGENT!!! and thinks this...

Ok, moving on, venting session over...i would like to make mention of a great home, over 2100 sq ft, oversized garage, screen porch, on large corner lots, 4 minutes from the beach, and NO POA's.  3BR/2BA reduced to $303,700 Firm reduction. 

Also development opportunity in Little River, SC with Eagle Cove project...looking for investors to partner (high yield return), or purchasers for raw land.

Have a great thursday!!

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