AGENTS and BROKERS: Are You Looking For a Better Opportunity? Check out what we have to offer. You WILL NOT be disappointed!!

Real Estate Agent with Connect Realty

The Connect Realty Business Opportunity

Everybody claims to offer the next great deal.  However, I've found the real estate company of the future.  They have moved beyond brick and mortar, franchise fees, broker/agent fees.  They offer a fantastic suite of tools, services and support, including truly great commissions and residual incomes that I've never seen from another real estate company.  They've grown to over 1,500 agents in under two years and now operate in 15 states.  If you are an agent or broker wanting a better opportunity you CANNOT afford NOT to take a look at what they offer.  Take a look and I would really like to hear back from you if you're interested in learning more:

Brokers...They have a great opportunity for your team too!  If you are looking for a better way to grow your team, your income and greatly decrease your operating expenses they have easily and seamlessly switched over several entire brokerages recently of 30, 40, even 70 agents.  You'll want to learn more!!!

You will have access to some of the best agent technology in the industry......  

  1. Virtual Home Tours
  2. Fidelity Transaction Management
  3. (in select major markets)  
  4. Direct MLS Feeds for your client 
  5. Agent email, web page & Virtual Office 
  6. Online Training featuring Rich Casto


I joined over a year ago and am already making a great income....Especially the residual income!  I look forward to hearing from you.  Please contact me if you have further interest in joining our team.


James Canion



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Dane Sterns
Legacy Group Investments, LLC - Phoenix, AZ

My Mentor told me...Dane you need to have a SYSTEM if you want to become succesful. I said ok what kind of system should I have. He just said make sure it is a S.Y.S.T.E.M.= Save Yourself Time Energy and Money. I have found a simple system that I have had my business partners in real estate use that has allowed them to create a monthly residual. And it is simple! I took time to learn it and now have perfected this system...I definantly save time energy and money doing this everytime I can, use this and you can seamlessly impliment it and start seeing instant results.

Who here has considered MAKING A RESIDUAL MONTH AFTER MONTH RATHER THAN A ONE-TIME PAYOUT OUT JUST ON SALES COMMISION ALONE? I can help you use a system that will pay you something continually. I have Brokers and Agents who make more in residual getting paid month after month on doing something once than the commisons from selling homes each month.

Jun 22, 2009 06:17 AM