Attention landlords in Carol Stream, IL

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At least the realtors and landlords know that in the economic time with which we find ourselves, getting 100% qualified renters with clean credit: is not commonplace.  Many unfortunate people have fallen prey to the economic turn that has thrown our county into a tail spin. And those folks are not what this blog is about.

Just because someone has an unfortunate event, doesn't mean that you have to fall prey to the

"Serial Stealer". 


Families who move around and continue to rent when they have no intentions of paying.  I dealt with such people for 4 years - Only paid on time and in full, twice in the period that they lived in my property.  And with the constant flow of additional squatters, the untold wear and tear: well it is hard to put in words.


Heads up Carol can go to DuPage County and run their social security number and see whether there are judgements against a potential renter, or what their past history is.  The eviction process is long and not healthy for the landlord. Do your due dilligence. The renter can stay in the property for many weeks without paying....Run the Social Security numbers of all renters...and go to the last known address that they lived...and speak in person with the landlord. Check the tax records on the property that they lived in most recently and contact that person.  Tax records are accessible through the county assessors office. If they don't pay on time.....serve the 5 day notice immediately...  

Don't fall into the trap that so many have. You are renting your home so that you can have someone cover the expenses.....not make things worse...


If you need help with understanding how to check a potential renters background, please contact me.....It is rumored that the people to which I am referring, are out there again ready to rent your property..




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