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Good morning, good morning... (did you know in ancient hebrew culture if you wanted to add emphasis to a phrase or statement you repeated it, even in writing)...either way, so i was greeted on yahoo by an interesting article about how to spot a struggling economy using wierd measuring devices/occurences, check out this link:

Some of my favorties included the increase in mosquito activity due to abandon pools at foreclosures and people not maintaining their own pool because of cost and the fact we go to the dry cleaners less and the struggle in their industry (i know i am guilty of is amazing how much it costs and how loving my wife is to learn how to iron.  Just dont forget to check the label of what you buy to make sure it is not dry clean only).  We all need to be concious in our current environment, but not only when it is bad, but lets be good stewards of our finances in the good times as well.  In that way everytime will be a good time.

Have a great weekend!! 

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