8 Tips To Check Before Each Showing

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The house is listed with the Realtor of your choice.  All photographs of family and friends and precious collectables have been packed away.  The stager has been there and the house is ready for potential Buyers.  The call comes from the Realtor to schedule the first showing.  Is there anything more the Seller can do to facilitate the showing.  Yes.  Here is a checklist to complete before leaving the house:

1. Turn on all the lights; even in the daytime.  Lighting will make everything look brighter and better.

2. No pets.  Take the pets for a walk, place them in the car, leave them with a neighbor or kennel them.  Make certain items such as kitty litter are whisked away.  No pet food dishes in the kitchen.

3. Don't leave dirty laundry on the floor.  Put it in baskets and stack them in a corner.

4. Don't leave dirty dishes in the sink.  Make certain the countertops are cleared and wiped down.

5. Remove all prescription medicines from the medicine cabinets.  There have been warnings from law enforcement officials stating that these items are easily stolen.

6. Don't lock any rooms or closets.  It is okay to lock furniture such as desks, cabinets, etc. 

7. Some people like to have soft music playing to make the home seem more welcoming. 

8. Make certain the house smells fresh and clean.  Nothing turns off Buyers more quickly than a funny or unpleasant odor.

In the Omaha real estate market we tell our Sellers to expect Buyers to use the bathroom.  Make certain there are guest towels and toilet paper.  Buyers many times will bring their children to a showing.  The Realtor can't follow everyone if there is more than one person.  Don't have knick-knacks out, put them away.

If the Seller has new carpet or the weather is wet or snowy, ask the Realtor to have Buyers remove their shoes before tracking through the house.  Ask the Realtor to make a sign asking people to remove their shoes.

A Seller needs showings if the house is going to sell.  It is an inconvenient time but please stay focused on the objective - to get the house sold.  If you are in Omaha or moving herer soon please don't hesitate to contact me if you have questions about showings or any other real estate matter.  I'm here to help at 402-967-4251 or email me at Marie.Otis@cbshome.com.

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