Our Lives Change...So,.how we organize ourselves will change to

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 So how we organize will change too.

We as Home Stagers tell our customers to de-clutter, well here are a few things we can do when trying to de-clutter.

There's no point in buying nice containers and making pretty labels for stuff that doesn't really add any value to your life. And if you have more stuff than will fit in the available space, no organizing strategy will ever be all that good. De-clutter first, and then figure out what you need to buy (if anything) to store it better.

De-cluttering takes time,but plugging away at it will get you results. If you are overwhelmed start by working for 15 minutes a day

Stay focused on this area - don't keep jumping up to put things away in another part of the house. You can have a "universal" bin that you put those things into, and then clear the bin out at the end of your organizing time.

Look for the simplest answer that works, and you'll be more likely to keep things up. And don't fight your natural tendencies. If you always plop the mail down on the first horizontal surface that you come to when walking in the door, then maybe you need a container for the mail right there.

Organizing is not a goal unto itself - it's a way to make your life work more easily. If you can find things when you need them, you aren't tripping over things as you move around your house or office, and you feel good when you are in that space, you are probably organized enough.

 Changes in business, family, and heath can mean that changes in how we organize would be useful, too.

 So when you are telling your customers to declutter, give them a few helpful tips...


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Karen Dembsky
Peachtree Home Staging LLC, Home Staging in Atlanta, GA - Peachtree City, GA
Atlanta Home Staging

Good post!  Clear and precise.  You have a duplicate bullet you may want to edit and delete -- I am guilty of the same from time to time. 

Jun 20, 2009 04:04 AM
Joannie Williams
J.Williams Home Staging LLC. - Lake Charles, LA

Karen, thank you so much for correcting me..Much appreciated..

Jun 20, 2009 04:40 AM