Whatcha talkin' bout Willis? I hear "Short Sales" are a lot of trouble? Is this True?

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I spoke with a few agents about short sales today and they explained the process, a little.(thank you) It sounds very interesting to me but then again I'm new and everything sounds interesting. I want to hear from all of those who do them or have done them and will not do another one! Ray Saenz, Realtor from United Property Brokers, INC  did a blog giving us a list phone #'s to call.  I included his link in my post, so I hope it is OK? :)  Ray is a real nice guy who has answered many of my questions. You should visit his posts, you learn a thing or two!

Phone Numbers to work on your short sale


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I recently sent out a request for info in regards to what it does to our borrowers credit, sounds like a few lates is all it has to do with. Much better option than foreclosure and BK's


May 31, 2007 05:26 AM