Keeping In Stride With The Consumer

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The concumer has much in the way of financial concerns at this time.  Without going into all the details of current news on the world front and the Real Estate Market, it is definitely a rough terrain for many of us.  Because the jobless rate is so high, businesses are declining everywhere and it appears that an enormous adjustment is taking place.  I personlly have had to return to a position working forty hours a week aside from doing the profession that I was trained for originally.  Every opportunity for learning that comes my way is a step forward to becoming the best that I can be for any client I am privileged to have.  Today the consumer is pummled with information from everywhere and it is tough to make decisions when you have to sell a home and worry about whether or not you chose the right agent or if your going to sell without having to renew the listing.  The consumer needs TLC and believe me we are all consumers. 

This writing is meant to give thought to the people with whom we are working and to better serve them in good or bad times.  Every profession is a calling, some of us do it early and some of us do it late; I am one of the late ones.  I started this in my late sixties and knew that I should have done this years earlier, but I always say better late know.  Though my start was a bit rocky, I was determined to continue in spite of all the downturns I had to face.  Today I am striving toward not only serving my clients, but also in taking the time to understand each situation I encounter.  I take a deep breath before I enter their home and put myself in their shoes before the presentation.  No matter what type of personality I encounter, I realize that first and foremost they want to sell their home for the price they deem as resonable and not have to pay the agent a huge commission.  I also think of my own needs and do my best to explain why they must pay the commission as is and also why they might not sell immediately.  Even if I don't make the sale.....I am gratified if I have gained the respect of those who graciously invited me to their home.

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