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3 Tips to keep in mind when buying Eco-friendly South Jersey Real Estate

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From household cleaning supplies to clothing, everything is going green. The same goes for the real estate market. Many potential home buyers want eco-friendly South Jersey real estate. Before you simply buy a home that's touted as green, consider these few tips for finding a truly green home.

1.  Work with an expert
It may be difficult for you to figure out what criteria designate a green home. That's why it's important to seek out a green real estate professional whose main focus is to help you sort through fact from fiction in the green housing industry.

2.  Buy in an eco-friendly neighborhood
Purchasing green South Jersey real estate doesn't necessarily mean the location will be environmentally friendly. Unfortunately, buyers may not factor in this detail. If your neighborhood is in the heart of the city, you may be exposed to more car emissions. Also, access to green amenities like bike and walking trails, may be limited.

3.  Add your own green touches
Sometimes the home you find could be perfect with just a few small changes. If you want to make a home green, you have a variety of options. You could add natural flooring, install more insulation to help with energy costs and use non-toxic paint.

Before buying green South Jersey real estate, or any home for that matter, take your time and do your research. Many people are jumping on the popularity of going green, so it's smart to remain skeptical until you know and understand all the facts.

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