Living on a Golf Course in Kent WA on Fathers Day

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Meridian Valley Golf & Country Club's course was full of dads yesterday. There were a lot of moms, sons and daughters also. Even the rain didn't stop them. What we do for our dads.....

After watching the parade of golfers trying to sink a putt on the 11th hole I announced from my deck that "that hole is broken". No one was having an easy time there, it must have been broken, but no one came to repair it.

My husband's offspring came over to honor him yesterday. Some of them are golfers but they were more interested in watching the golf on TV and watching the horse races on TV.

There were a couple of younguns who took various riding vehicles down the golf course path much to the annoyance of the people trying to play with that broken 11th hole. Do you know how loud a toddlers push car is when a 12 year old boy coasts it down the asphalt path?

So much for Fathers Day on a Kent Golf was noisy, chaotic and broken.

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Patrick Johnson
Windermere - Bellingham, WA

Oh Ann,

I think I better come on down from Bellingham and look at that broken 11th green! On second thought, I might prove to everyone that it really IS broken! ;-)

Patrick Johnson,

Windermere RE

Bellingham WA.



Jun 22, 2009 12:50 PM
Ann Kritsonis
Keller Williams SES - Renton, WA

Hi Patrick, It must have just been on Fathers Day and the maintenance crew must have taken care of it.....I'm not a golfer but I am a social member. If you ever get down this way looke me up!

....and by the way if you have anyone who wants a nice home on the golf course, please give them my name & number and I promise not to embarrass you and I will take care of your referrals like royalty!

Jun 23, 2009 06:39 AM