Helping People of Divorce Sell and Purchase Homes

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Divorce has changed how Father's Day is celebrated. It has changed how Mother's Day and all holidays are celebrated as well. 

It has also changed why many people sell homes and the circumstances in which many people purchase homes.

It is important to recognize how the grief process and the pain involved in divorce affects the loss of one's dreams and one's home.  Pressures are immense and strengths are diminished. 

It is our responsibility to protect the interests of the divorcing family as they may be required and pressured to sell their home. 

It is important to realize that extra hand holding and support is necessary when helping a person of divorce find a new home. 

And it is significant to consider that, if at all possible, keeping a family stable by not moving residences in that first year after divorce is vital. 

Caring for people of divorce as folks in crisis rather than an easy commission because the seller's must sell or purchase is a gift and a responsibility we need to honor.  It is not a time to gossip and say - "these folks are getting a divorce and you can get a great deal." 

As facilitator of the Greater Danbury, CT Divorce Support & Recovery Group, I ask you to remember and be compassionate in your work with people of divorce.


I am a full time realtor for almost 30 years and a divorced man.  I put on a different hat to be a counselor, teacher and advocate for people of divorce.  And I do not do this work to find real estate clients.  I choose to send my friends of divorce to qualified realtors who do care and recognize their special needs.

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