10 reasons to hire an agent

Real Estate Agent with Mike Bowman

When you are putting your house on the market to sell it is a good thing to have a real estate agent for so many reasons.  

1. COMPARABLES FOR THE NEIGHBORHOOD  The agent is going to give you a Comparable Market Analysis than will compare the sales in your subdivision to the other properties that have sold.  That will give you an idea of what your house will sell for.  We have formulas that will give us a good idea what to market price your house will sell for. 

2. SETS UP SHOWINGS FOR YOUR HOME.  You do not want to show your own house.  Not only is it risky because of predators but the buyers do not feel comfortable asking questions about the house if the seller is present.  They feel they are intruding when the seller is home.  They may lie and say oh yes they love the house when they are with the seller.  When they get in the car and they were just trying to be "nice". 

3. SAVES YOU MONEY ON REPAIRS A real estate agent will tell you where to spend your money to fix up the house that will increase the value. 

4. HAS AGENT FRIENDS THAT MAY HAVE A BUYER FOR YOUR HOME.  You need an agent that will market the house to other real estate agents even before it hits the MLS.  That is why you go look at a house that has just been on the market one day and it is already sold. 

5. NEGOTIATES THE CONTRACT   When the offer comes in you need a third party that can negotiate for you to get the best deal,  Someone that is not emotionally tied to the house.  A real estate agent is trained and has experience and will get the most money possible for you.

6.PROBLEM SOLVER   An agent knows what to do when there is a problem with an inspection.  They have people they can call to do repairs in a short time span.  They know what can be negotiated in the contract.   

7. EXPLAINS THE PROCEDURES  Moving is one of the most stressful times of your life.  It is good to have someone that can explain the process and make you feel at ease. 

8. SMOOTH CLOSINGS Sometimes things go wrong with the buyer and the loan.  An agent makes sure things are running smooth so that there are no hiccups or problems at closing.  Problems should not get to the closing table.  They should be resolved in advance.

9. MARKET YOUR HOME  Marketing your home will take time and money.  The internet is a great way to market but it is just one way.  The market now requires more work than a couple of years ago.  The agent has ways to market that will make your house stand out. 

10. PROFESSIONAL  You would not try to perform an operation on yourself, would you?  Selling a home is a important process if not handled correctly could end in a court battle.  Hire a professional that has experience in all aspects of real estate.   The contracts are ever changing and you need someone that has knowledge of all the updates.  This could save you a bundle of money!

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