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Okay, I don't know how it started...some sort of challenge between Bob Sloop and Steve Dalton. Anyway, I read Bob's post and I was hooked .

Today's installment is the Strawberry Stand...I don't know about your area but, in Northern California we have these kind of strawberry stands all over the place. The one in the picture is my stand! Well not really my stand but it is the stand in Clearlake Oaks, home town.

The strawberries are delicious...not like the rubber one's sold in most supermarkets. These are the kind that are so juicy, it runs down your chin. In my family, I've been elected to bring the strawberries home. I love this task, Ive been known to eat half a basket between the stand and the house...about eight miles. I feel like such a kid when I'm eating those berries...fresh from the field.

The people that run the stand are from some part of Southeast Asia. I've been buying their berries for years. Occasionally, I buy berries from another stand in another town but I always feel guilty. Afterall, these are the hometown berries.

Clearlake home town.


p.s.: Yes, it's always that beautiful in Clearlake Oaks, Ca. Today the hi temp will be 90 with blue skies as far as the eye can see.