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Have you ever met your client?

Real Estate Agent with ReMax Real Estate Services Columbia South Carolina

We are setting up a closing for next month which my seller will not be attending.  He decided that flying from New Hampshire to South Carolina to sign maybe four documents was probably not a good use of time or money.  After I explained to him how easy remote closings are these days, I checked our files from this year's closings to see how many closings we did where both parties attended. I knew we did a lot of remote closings but I did not realize how few we did anymore with both parties.  It is almost unusual for us to do a closing this year with two parties.  Also, with the amount of business we do with out of town sellers, it is not unusual for us to never meet a seller. One reason we probably run into that more is our proximity to a military base.  Emailing has made remote selling and closing so easy now as to be so routine I didn't even realise how much of it I was doing.