12 Facts Nobody Told You [Part:2]

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12 Facts Nobody Told You When Purchasing Bank Owned Foreclosed Properties

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4.      Banks look for the cleanest offer with the LEAST amount of contingencies.  To make your offer strongest you can waive the offer contingent upon a successful inspection, and waive the contingency to get your mortgage obtained.  

5.      They look for an offer with a large Earnest Money Deposit to ensure you are a very serious buyer. 

6.      Most banks will ask for a response back from the buyer within 24 hours, if the bank counters your offer or the deal is void. 

7.      Bank owned homes are sold AS-IS. This means they will not provide any repairs or changes to the home. You are welcome to do a home inspection though.

8.      After submitting an offer the bank will respond within 2 days to 2 weeks on average. Usually the better your offer is the faster they respond. If they take two weeks to respond it's usually because it was a very low offer.  

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