Social Media is a Great Opportunity

Real Estate Agent with Mike Bowman

Social Media is a great opportunity to brand ourselves as realtors, inspectors and loan officers. There are opportunities like never before.  The social media has opened up the world.  We are able to talk to people in Australia, Canada, England.

Just this week I was on Facebook and I told someone I needed a house in Mansfield around the $170,000 range.  Within minutes a friend on Facebook told me she was listing one that day.  That is what I call service!



What does social media do for real estate?  It improves communication and help us all stay in touch with clients.   We are able to advertise and get more viewers for our listings. I use lenders and inspectors that I met on Facebook.

If you are not taking advantage of this great opportunity to network with other realtors and friends you need to start today or get left behind.  I know we are all busy but I feel this is an important part of our business now like it or not. 

Go to  to sign up.  It is easy to get an account and it is free.  You just need an email address and a user name and password.  You can follow friends and have conversations similar to texting on a phone.  It is fast paced to provide useful information with your tweets.  Companies and celebrities are jumping on the bandwagon and tweeting.

  • For a Facebook account go to and get a user name and password. On the page you can put your picture album and invite people to be friends.  Some people just invite people they know but I find it fun to invite everyone that has the same interests.  It is a fun way to meet and talk to people from all over the world with your same interests.

People do not like to get Spam or if you talk about business only. They want to get to know you. If you post an advertisement it will turn people off. I got in touch with some people that I have not talked to since first grade!  Have fun with it.

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