Agents who give out lockboxes.

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I got a call from a concerned buyer tonight. He drove by the property that he has an accepted offer in on and there were clients in the property, without an agent!

Somehow the buyers thought this was ok.

The real estate agent stated that "he had left them there." Or perhaps he did not want to admit that he just gave out the code to his clients....

Perhaps he was there and left the door open for the client and left as he said. In his mind this was better than giving out a LB code and I agree. Still, why do agents think that they don't have to be with their clients at a bank owned property?

I recently picked up a long term well known investor, who cannot understand why I will not "just give him" the LB codes. Well, dah! I called an agent left week and asked if I could "just give out code". Of course they said no and I agree with them.

What are other people's thoughts on this?


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