Where Have You Been?

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For the last several months, I have been almost underground. When it comes to blogging about Huntsville Alabama Real Estate, I have been non existent. I know we have to keep it up and it has hurt me in the search engines. However, I am still seeing a surge in contacts and sales. It is almost like the faucet has been turned on again. It will likely be short lived but my team and I have several things under contract. It looks like they will all close.

As I mentioned, we have been working on several new things. I will give you some detail about these things.

We were investigating a new contact manager with a builtin drip email syatem. There are many quality programs out there. Some are very expensive for up start agents and teams. There are other problems with these systems. They don't integrate very well with other system. So, I usually spend a lot of time logging in and changing multiple systems. To solve this dilemma, I have teamed up with a new website/graphics' designer and a programmer.

We are building a new system, that will roll out in the Huntsville Alabama area. This system will have a CMS website manager, website hosting, Google Analytics, blog, forum, Flyer Designer, Email Designer, Contact Manager, IDX solution, MLS Gateway, property websites, listings' module, virtual tours and a Drip Email System. There will be only one interface to work from, only one login area.

We are taking it slow to be sure and do it right. We have the content manager, website hosting, and listing module in place and functional. I was building this system for my business and asked the opinion of some of my REALTOR friends; they loved the idea.

When the system has been fully tested. We will unveil this to the general real estate industry.

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