Ashland OR. Statistics For May 2009

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I love the phrase that Mark Twain popularised. "There are three kinds of lies: lies, damned lies, and statistics."  I believe The Southern Oregon Multiple Listing service truly does their best to keep the stats as accurate as possible. But things can get a bit skewed without anyone trying. Also not having all the information can distort statistics. One statistic comes to mind (not included in the attached statistics)  is the percentage of "Final Sales Price" compared to the "Listing  Price".  For example the average in Ashland right now is 94%. I have noticed that these percentages don't take into account prior "Price Reductions". So the 94% of asking price might actually look like 85% if you took into account the price reductions prior to that home recieving an offer.     

         Statistics can be diificult to interpret  so give me a quick call if you ever have questions about these monthly statisics. (541) 301-7295. I plan to post these stats every month as soon as they become available.  May 2009 Sales statistics 

              The other stat I see in here that might look a bit funny is on the second page bottom "All Homes on Market". It shows all the active listings for May 2009 compared to May 2008. The "Northwest Medford" is a new catagory so it looks like the homes listed increased by 522%. So thats skewed...  The more information you have the better off you are when looking at any statistics.

     Cheers, Chris

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