Goodbye Michael-Eccentric, But The Great Ones Always Are.

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Goodbye Michael-Eccentric, But The Great Ones Always Are.  June, 2009  

June 25, 2009 by Bob Sluys
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Today we lost a legend. Michael Jackson had nothing to do with green homes and I never knew him. I WAS living in Los Angeles in the 1980's- I was a bass player and one day my roommate, a keyboard player named Greg excitedly told me that he had received a call from . . . Quincy Jones! Quincy, was of course, Michael's producer. They had heard that Greg owned a particular new synthesizer that no one else had, and they wanted him to play on the Billie Jean Album, which he ended up doing. Greg would come home with stories about Michael-this was in 1982- and even then he had a zoo at his Encino home, and I'd hear about chimps and snakes-but enough about his managers and lawyers-sorry, I couldn't resisit!

In keeping this brief, I guess that the point I'm making is that it's very rare when ordinary people do extraordnary things. Extraordinary things are for extraordinary people to do. So what makes one extraordinary? Being willing to go where others won't is a good start. From there, it's up to us! Michael helped blaze that trail, at great personal expense. Perv? Perhaps. Nutjob? Yeah. Let those among us that is without sin cast the first stone.

Thanks Michael. May you rest in peace.

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