To Tweet or Not To Tweet

Managing Real Estate Broker with Beringer Realty

Sigh.  So much social networking to do and so little time to do it.  Is tweeting worth it to RE agents?  Who do you follow?  How do you keep up with all your twitter "friends"?  Is this a useful tool for me to use to find quality RE agents who want to know what their options are for building a business that will grow and last? 

My husband is using twitter masterfully to get information about his guide business out.  He is connecting with people all over the country (world?) that are opening possibilities for booking trips to Copper Canyon with his company.  He jumped in with both feet and has become a tweeter with a passion.  I am much more slowly trying to figure out how to follow, who to follow. 

Tweetdeck is clever in its organization, but I'm not sure I see how to effectively organize my own twitter pals.  I have yet to figure out how to get tweets on my blackberry....but do I want to?

Any suggestion and/or consolation is welcome. 

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