Dryer Vent Cleaning or Replace the Clothes Dryer? Expensive Lesson Learned by a Chicago area Consumer

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All appliances require proper maintenance in order for them to work safely and efficiently.  Unfortunately, too many people take their clothes dryers for granted; fill it with wet laundry, set the dial, turn it on and remove dry clothes 30 - 45 minutes later. 


I recently got a call from a woman who purchased a new dryer because the one she had was taking several cycles to get her clothes dry.  She assumed it was old and worn out.  The delivery man installed the dryer and she began using it, but she noticed that it ran very hot.  I just happened to be in her neighborhood on a service call and she took down the number printed on my work van.  I went to her home after completing the job I was on. 


The first thing I noticed was that the dryer duct was the old vinyl type and it was longer than necessary.  The excess tubing was coiled and jammed behind the dryer while the rest of it extended about 10 feet to the dryer vent outside.  When I disconnected it from the dryer, I noticed that it was full of lint.  I found it unbelievable that an appliance deliver person would attach this dirty old thing to a new appliance.   I explained to the customer how her dryer is unable to vent the hot air; therefore working too hard, wasting energy and it's a fire hazard.


I explained that this type of venting is not in compliance with today's safety codes.  The vinyl material is really designed for bathroom exhaust fans and not for clothes dryers.  We only install dryer ducts of rigid or semi-rigid metal that is smooth inside to minimize lint build-up. 


I also broke her heart when I explained that she probably did not need a new dryer.  She needed a better dryer exhaust system.  The dryer ducts and dryer vent are responsible for removing lint, heat and moisture from the dryer drum to the outdoors.  If you have a gas dryer the system also removes gas by-products from your home.  A poorly vented gas dryer can cause carbon monoxide to leak into your home.


When the dryer ducts are clogged with lint then heat cannot escape the dryer drum; they system overheats and the lint catches on fire.  Lint is very combustible; therefore, fuel for a rapidly spreading fire.  Clogged dryer ducts also cause a dryer to cost an additional $18-24 per month to operate.


Mory Matias is the owner of Dryer Vent Wizard of Northshore Chicago, specializing in dryer vent cleaning, repair and installation.  Mory specializes in all dryer exhaust issues as he educates his customers on the importance of annual dryer vent cleaning and proper dryer vent installation to prevent fires and save energy.  Read more great articles written by Mory Matias at http://dryerventcleaningwilmette.blogspot.com/


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