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What experiences can we share with a Buyer interested in making an offer on an REO or short sale that would be their principal residence?  How do we prepare them for the difficult and uncertain journey?  One description I use is that "it is like buying a lottery ticket without knowing when the lottery will take place, if the lottery will take place, or how the winner will be selected."  Another image I like is to ask the Buyer to imagine that their offer is going into a giant paper shredder with the hope that someone on the other side will put the pieces back together and read their offer. 

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Patrick Schutte
Flex Realty - Prescott, AZ

My buyers have found these 10 tips valuable when making offers on REOs:

:) PS

Jun 27, 2009 09:17 AM
Chris Cohn
Pacific Union Real Estate - Berkeley, CA
Berkeley California Real Estate

Thank you Patrick.  This is very helpful.  Do you by chance have a similar piece on short sales?

Jun 27, 2009 10:13 AM