City of Plano & Obamanomics

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The City of Plano Parks and Recreation dues increased SUBSTANTIALLY this year.  They tell us the city budgets are tight because property tax revenues are down.  In order to access the parks and city facilities that help make Plano such a wonderful place to live, they want double the "dues".  Technically speaking, it's not really a new tax on the working class, but it is about to be.

This is the first year in many that we will not be "members" to the City of Plano community facilities.  Because it was so affordable in the past, we have always renewed our membership, even when we weren't using the facilities very much.  At these fees, I may as well toss in a few more bucks and join a nice private club like LifeTime Fitness.   We won't do that either, but some will. The point is, by raising the "fee" high enough to catch our attention, we realized we're just not that interested in the privilege.  Therefore, the City of Plano just has lost all 4 memberships from our family.

Let's see.  We are raising membership dues to our publicly owned community facilities $2x and as a result the number of paying members drops 4x...  I am so confused.  How does that Obamanomics math work again?  Who owns the facilities when all the members quit?  That's right, every Plano, working class, tax paying citizen.

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