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I use photoshop elements to create slideshows for Realtors when I take photographs of their listings.  The slideshows turn out great, but when I load them onto my website, they take forever to buffer and every few slides they start freezing up and re-buffering.  I am wondering if the photographs are too large and need to be resized (which I can do in Lightroom).  Anybody else having this problem with Elements?  Any suggestions?

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Ted Baker
Carmody and Associates LLC - Winter Haven, FL

Jenifer - you certainly do not need the same resolution for a web based slideshow as you would want for print or computer based displays.  Reduce the resolution to 72 dpi (dots per inch) and they will be fine for the web but will be a much smaller file and will load faster.  

You can reduce resolution in PS Elements, but I like Irfanview - a photo viewer that will take a batch of images and copy all to lower resolution files.  You need to keep the original hi res copy in case you need a print job or other higer resolution requirement.  

Irfanview is available from for free (donations accepted if you like the program as much as I do).  

Come back to the comments and let us know if that fixes your problem.  

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Jul 02, 2009 10:41 AM
Glenda Cherry
Keller Williams Realty - Herndon, VA
Realtor / Photographer

Jenifer, I use Photoshop Elements to create slide shows and haven't had any problems ... BUT ... I upload them to my Flickr photostream and/or to my SmugMug account.  As far as I know, both convert the .WMV to flash then provide you with an embeddable link.  I can't seem to embed the link within this comment, but if you go to my blog you should see it.

Does this help you?

Jul 27, 2009 07:48 AM