Dryer Vent Installation: Does Your Dryer Exhaust System Meet Current Safety Codes?

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Dryer vent cleaning is recommended each year to remove lint build-up that reduces air-flow and causes your clothes dryer to work harder.  If neglected, this could lead to a dryer fire.  Proper Installation that meets current safety codes is also a concern.


Improper dryer ducts or incorrect installation also leads to problems.  The old flexible foil, plastic or vinyl material is no longer acceptable for the use of dryer exhaust venting.  One problem with this type is that it is often crushed behind the dryer, preventing heat and moisture from escaping the dryer drum.  Also, this type is often installed as-is, without cutting it down to size.  The excess hose is left coiled or crushed behind the dryer.  The longer length and the twists and turns make your dryer work harder to expel the hot air.


The plastic or vinyl type of system creates the same problems as the flexible foil.  In addition, it deteriorates and becomes brittle and cracks.  Now, the air that should be vented outdoors is leaking into your home.  Moisture builds up in the line and mold and mildew grow here too.  If you have a gas dryer you can be concerned about carbon monoxide as well.


A proper dryer duct is solid metal and it should be as short and straight as possible.  The inside should be smooth; pieces should be joined with metal tape, not screws that protrude to the inside to catch lint. 


When the dryer is venting properly, it is working more efficiently.  If you notice your dryer taking more than one cycle to dry a load of laundry then it is likely that lint has built up in the dryer ducts creating a venting problem. 


A professional dryer vent cleaning and repair service can inspect your system to be sure it meets today's safety standards.  Your clothes dryer is one of the most expensive appliances to operate when it is not properly maintained.  The service fee paid for dryer vent cleaning quickly pays for itself in money saved on energy bills. 


Gary Collins owns Dryer Vent Wizard of Cleveland, Ohio, specializing in all dryer exhaust issues.  Gary provides dryer vent cleaning, repair and installation while educating consumers on dryer fire prevention and energy savings.  For more great tips and information visit http://dryerventcleaningakronohio.blogspot.com/







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