3 reasons a REALTOR® should love their iPhone

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The iPhone continues to impress and this latest roll out of the 3G Sis no exception!  Below I have described a few of my favorite features and how a REALTOR® could use this phone/tool to stay a step ahead of the competition. 

Video:  This is by far my favoritve feature! It gives you the ability to record a video, say of a property (I like to call it a 60 second commercial) and then shoot that video straight to YouTube or via email.  You could set up a distribution list of email addresses and have your listing video in the inbox of hundreds before you leave the listing appointment.  You also have the ability to trim the video down to size if you have a goof at the beginning or end. One minute is a pretty safe bet as the phone will automatically trim down the video before it sends it up to YouTube or via email. 


A fully functional web browser in your pocket at all times is key!  Having access to the county assessor sites, MLS, and everything beyond gives you answers when your clients need them most.  the browser on the iPhoneis second to none and extremely easy to use!

 I use this one daily to find businesses, property addresses and anytime someone asks, "do you know where...."  Maps will pin point your location and then guide you to the doorstep of your next showing.  Best of all this app is built into your phone and you don't have to have a GPS built into your vehicle or attached to your dash board. 

The iPhone is a tool that 9.99 out of 10 times, can provide you and your clients or potential clients with answers when others have to take the time to go 'look it up'.  This phone is sweet and there's a few reason why I love my iPhone.  What are your favorite features, apps or uses for your iPhone?


Robert Wiebusch~NP Dodge Blog Author (& iPhone user) 

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