Real Estate Agent with Hometown Realty

Now is the time for all real estate people to wake up and realize that nothing is going to replace the face-to-face contact that we have with customers and clients.  I keep seeing all the agents going goo-goo over the newest technology and I have to wonder, "why are these people in the real estate business?"  They are tripping over themselves to put technology in place that eliminates their having to have face-to-face contact with their buyers and sellers.  The best example of this is the "showing" technology where an agent sets up their appointments to show a home via the Internet.  Then after the showing there is a "showing response" form filled out by the showing agent.  Most listing agents simply forward these comments to their sellers via e-mail.  What happened to the good dialog that a listing agent and their sellers used to have over the showing comments.  Don't get me wrong, there are many wonderful things that technology can do for us in our day to day activities, but let's not lose sight of the importance of face-to-face dialog.

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