3 Things you must know about the New Economy!

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#1 What do people use the internet for?

 It you can't answer this one, there is no sense going any further.  Let me give you my take...the internet is in "business" to GIVE information. If you don't like to give information that the common person has in interest in than don't waste your time. While this is so obvious, it is the number one reason that people fail regarding their web pages success. 

They believe because they have been in business for 25 years or went to Harvard Law School that some how they will be treated special and get more and better traffic to their site.  The good and bad news is that Google and most web users don't really care how long you have been around in the non digital World or about your Ivy League education.

 Both Google and your prospective clients have their own agenda that trumps yours. The sooner you accept this and EMBRACE their agenda the better you ride on the internet super highway will be.

 #2 It NOT About You... 

  • Is your web site loaded with platitudes about?
  • How much you care
  • What great service you provide
  • How talented you are
  • How great your background (bio) is

 Are all the pictures on your website about you and your company?  

We all want to create an image of professionalism and care. But do you and your web site have the "goods" to DEMONSTRATE that you do care and provide great service. Does your site provide EVIDENCE that you are skilled and talented and well worth the price that people pay to employ you? 

The internet also allows consumers to brutally compare one service (product) provider with another if you are "all talk" with no verifiable substance then you should be discarded on the digital trash heap. 

#3 Be a good Barnacle...

Some of the biggest offenders of this practice are the "Big Boys" players in most industries. 

Historically they have collectively piled hundreds of billions into advertising to create 30 or 60 second sound bites via the "old media" to brain wash us all into believing in their "brand" is superior.  They could dominate the marketplace because only a few competitors had the capital to slug it out.  

Our little secret is that the internet changes all that, and the big guys "brands" are more vulnerable than the Titanic in an ice field.  The little guy now can create a full featured value proposition via their web pages that makes the "brand" marketer look as cheesy as a carnival barker. Make no mistake brand name flagships are under attack by microscopic organisms.

Most of their "old economy" brand based flagships are useless to fend off the sea of deep eating barnacles that are headed their way. Nor do most of them have the crew to manage the gathering rough seas of the internet. They just like serving Champagne to the privileged in first class too much.

 OK, now for the gritty details.  You're one the barnacles working below the water line.  If you are good enough to be a deep eating barnacle you and the others will sink the flagship.  Then you will have to compete, with the real competition, the other barnacles for the booty in the marketplace.

 With the spoils you should built a boat that you will be happy with. Maybe it's a nimble kayak or net flinging fishing boat, or a self propelled (economical) sailboat you're the captain of your ship (just don't build a Titanic).

One other thing... if you like being a captain of a kayak don't rule out being an admiral of a fleet.  Remember the vastness of the internet can provide you with a World Wide trade route, you just have to have the right "Goods" on your boat to trade with.

Build the most well crafted boat (fleet) thru extensive research, innovative and creative application of giving. Now is your shot to be truly unique and dump the competition.

Hint: Trade in your real estate web site for a lifestyle advisory dream site.

 More coming...


Brian French Internet Strategist, owner of 25 website (kayaks)


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