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Well I'm excited to try out several new techniques for building on my SEO strategy.  I want to say thanks to AR for providing awesome customer service and support!


If you're interested in viewing FREE Listings, as well as POSTING your properties for free, you need to come visit www.realestatenugget.com!  


This is a national platform, but we're Salem, Oregon natives forging our way onto the internet landscape.....  


So far, our efforts have been very focused on Salem and Portland Oregon.  Click on either city to go directly to view the area listings.


We're also excited to be offering advertising partnerships with people looking to collaborate.  We need content, we need your LISTINGS, and we need your referrals to your friends.  In turn, we'll offer strategic partners FREE ad space on various city pages that you want to have a brand presence on.  These ads will be active links directly to your personal website!


Check us out at www.realestatenugget.com.


Feel free to call me with questions or ideas:  503-798-2456.