Dryer Vent Cleaning saves Cotati, CA Consumers $300 per year in Utility Cost

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Cotati, CA - Rhonda Nole is the owner of Dryer Vent Wizard of the Greater North Bay area of California.  She was recently interviewed and she expressed how pleased she was when a customer called her to say she was happy with Rhonda's service and that her utility bills were considerable lower since they began ordering professional dryer vent cleaning services.  "I returned to a customer's home to provide service again this year and she said she noticed a significant drop in her utility bills.  She was also very happy that her clothes dryer no longer takes several cycles to dry a load of towels," said Rhonda.  "This is one example of what makes my career most rewarding."


When asked if professional dryer vent cleaning was really necessary or if homeowners can do it themselves, Rhonda said, "Some homeowners are very handy and can do it themselves, but some dryer exhaust systems are very long with bends and turns, or they may be vented through the roof.  We have special equipment to reach areas that are difficult to get to.  We also clean inside the dryer, around the motor, drum, belts and pulleys to keep things in working order.  Dryer lint is very messy; you would be surprised to know how easily it finds its way into the inside of your clothes dryer."


Rhonda also explained how important it is that the dryer ducts and vent be properly installed.  "Many people still have the old vinyl tubing that deteriorates and cracks over time, causing the dryer exhaust to leak into your home.  The vinyl tubing is designed for use on bathroom exhaust fans and is no longer safe for dryer ducts." 


Rhonda has written articles to provide tips to consumers to save money on energy bills and prevent dryer fires.  She posts new articles on her blog often and encourages consumers to go to to learn more.


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