How Will Cap and Trade Effect Your Real Estate Business?

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Real estate is local when it comes to market conditions and market trends. Real estate differs from region to region in styles, architecture and amenities generally speaking. For instance; in Florida fireplaces are not the norm whereas in cold winter areas such as Colorado, fireplaces are a standard addition to a home. In some areas of our country people have wood burning stoves and others have coal burning furnaces. There are areas of our country such as here in Florida where you would not dare live without Air Conditioning but in many homes in Washington for instance, air conditioning is more of a luxury than a necessity.

So when we are discussing the effects of cap and trade in your real estate business you will need to take into account the region in which you live as some areas will be more effected than others. 

Here is a really good interactive map from the New York Times. The map I posted below is the map of the votes in the House for and against the Cap and Tax bill that just passed the House. But if you click on the link of the New York Times map, it is interactive.

cap and trade house vote new york times


You can move your mouse over the map and see who voted, what party they belong to and their district. You will be able to see that no matter whether they were democrats or republicans if they are in the farm country of America, high manufacturing areas of America, low energy bills of America and the heartland of America- they voted NO on this bill and for very good reasons. 

"For a household of four, energy costs go up $436 that year, and they eventually reach $1,241 in 2035 and average $829 annually over that span. Electricity costs go up 90 percent by 2035, gasoline by 58 percent, and natural gas by 55 percent by 2035. The cumulative higher energy costs for a family of four by then will be nearly $20,000.

But direct energy costs are only part of the consumer impact. Nearly everything goes up, since higher energy costs raise production costs. If you look at the total cost of Waxman-Markey, it works out to an average of $2,979 annually from 2012-2035 for a household of four. By 2035 alone, the total cost is over $4,600." Heritage Foundation.

You will notice that the states where the votes were yes are also the states that already have the highest energy bills. The states that voted no are mostly states with presently low energy bills.

Instead of calling this to Cap and Trade- We can really call it the Tax On Electricity Bill.

How does this information pertain to real estate agents? If you live in the lower energy pricing states you are going to be seeing huge increases in household energy bills. If you live in states that are coal powered or oil powered you will see the largest increases ever in your energy bills because those energy sources are going to be punished with taxation.

  • How is that going to effect home prices?
  • How is that going to effect movement in and out of your state?
  • How is that going to effect your real estate office utility bills and who is going to pay for this?

The House is at it again. This was a 1,300 page bill and again as with so many large bills was not read by most of those that voted yes or no. What is it that they don't get? The American people expect our leaders to read what they vote on.

So what else is tucked away neatly into this bill that perhaps no one knows the full implications of yet?

How about the Federal imposition and takeover of building codes? Your local planning and building offices will not be qualified for any Federal funding of any kind unless they adopt what the FEDS say is the new energy efficient building standards. This will create higher prices in building new homes which is then passed on the homebuyers and then you as a real estate agent are also effected because less buyers will be able to afford to buy a new home built . Not to mention having to wait for the Feds to come and inspect the builders and the homes.

How about the new Federal Energy Nazis Inspectors who will come and rate your home before you can sell your home. So before you can list a home for sale, the seller will have to wait for the Federal inspectors to come out. DMV lines anyone? Once that inspector comes out, he or she will give the home an energy rating. If the home does not meet the guidelines the seller will be required to do the work necessary to bring the home up to energy standards before they can sell the home! Can we say money? Does that mean that there will be homeowners who will become prisoners in their homes because they can not afford to make the energy repairs that the feds require? Is that an invasion of your privacy as well as an attack on your property rights?

Hmmm, how is that going to effect short sales where the seller has no money to make the repairs and adjustments?

  • How is that going to effect your ability to get listings in a timely manner?
  • How is that going to effect your seller who is about to lose their home in a foreclosure?
  • How is that going to effect the seller who has to relocate for their job?
  • How is that going to effect the estates with heirs having to do these repairs and such when there won't be any money until the estate is sold?

I wonder if our House of Representatives and our Congress men and women EVER thought to actually ask us in the field working this business day in and day out how these bills will effect the housing market?

Of course, the US will be living Cap and Tax while the real perpetrators of dirty air like China and India get off scott free. There will be an unfair advantage in pricing products and manufacturing to the point that if a US company even stands a chance of staying in the manufacturing business will have no choice but to move their company oversees which in turn will cause a massive layoff of people increasing the already high unemployment problem we are facing in our country.

  • How will the unemployment effect your real estate business?
  • How will the unemployment effect the REOs and massive foreclosures in your community?
  • How will the unemployment effect home values as you get more and more vacant properties in your area?

If you are an agent in America's farmland you will begin to see farms no longer being able to produce a profit. Farms use a lot of energy. Energy use will be punished. This is why nearly every politician from a farm land state no matter what party they are affiliated with voted no to this bill. Their districts will suffer terribly. As this happens we will be buying more and more produce from other countries with far less health standards than our own. I don't trust foods, especially produce from China or other countries except Europe. But we don't import our veggies from Europe! 

  • How is this going to effect your real esate business if you live and work in a farm land state?

When it comes down to the nitty and the gritty about this bill you must remember that GE is the biggest supporter of this bill. They stand to make billions of dollars from the passage of this bill. The politicians voting yes on this bill, many of them are getting paid to vote yes. And Al Gore will become the very first GREEN billionaire. It is just too bad that he is not a real capitalist. He could not become a billionaire playing fair and square. Instead, he has an unfair advantage, legislation to make him filthy rich. Not exactly the free market way. It is all about the money.

Contact your Senators now to vote NO now. Click on this link to find your Senators and contact them by email, phone and fax today. Let them know how this is going to effect your business and your community homeowners and buyers. Pass this on...


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Chris Parks - ABR, GRI, e-Pro
Licensed Real Estate Broker - Poughkeepsie, NY

.The "cap & tax" madness follows a now predictable pattern, and just like "cap and tax" I nailed the "porkulus bill" in February.

Porkulus was a device to fund every off the wall Liberal fantasy WITHOUT having it in the annual budget. Anyone remember the slogan "shovel ready?" That's long forgotten now isn't it?

Obama and the Democrats LIED to America as to the purpose of "porkulus" and we had to hurry up and pass it right away to avert certain disaster. Now, everyone is figuring out it was never intended to "stimulate" anything at all.

In addition to "cap and tax" and socialized medical care, by the end of the year, there will be a "double down" of the porkulus, with additional Democrat silly piss-aways.

2010-2012 let's show them "change they can believe in" and throw them all out.


Jul 05, 2009 12:02 PM
Laurie Hellmer, Dowtown Chicago Lofts and Chicago Neighborhood Realty
Real People Realty - Chicago, IL

Thanks for summarizing this important information.

Jul 06, 2009 05:41 AM
Richard Dolbeare
Inactive - Wailuku, HI
Living the Hawaii Lifestyle

If real estate is to have a future, then we need to make sure it's worth owning (think Love Canal).  Is Cap and Trade the answer?  I wish but unfortunately I doubt there is any one magic bullet to this issue.  We do need to step up to the plate and deal with it effectively.


Jul 06, 2009 07:10 AM
Katerina Gasset
The Gasset Group & Get It Done For Me Virtual Services - Provo, UT
Amplify Your Real Estate & Life Dreams!

Chris- You are right, this is about controlling people not carbon emissions.

You know how sick this carbon thing is, out of control, they have a child's computer game that some schools have the kids play. You lose a part of your life as you go through the game every time you choose something that emits carbons. Then your go SPLAT into a red blob on the screen when you have produced too much carbon. Nothing like a guilt trip! Like, are they going to regulate how many breaths we are allowed to take? How about exersising since we breathe more carbons out when jogging or running! But no where do you hear them talk about how good carbon is for the earth.

Jul 06, 2009 10:01 AM
Victoria Frieberg
Rush Point Realty LLC, Victoria Frieberg, broker - Rush City, MN
Realtor, Broker, Rush Point Realty LLC

New FAIR Report Shows Reducing Immigration Would Lower Carbon Emissions A new report released

U.S. energy consumption increased by about 34 percent from 75.8 quads (quadrillion [1015] BTUs) in 1973 to about 101.5 quads in 2007. Over this same period, per capita energy consumption decreased by 6.4 percent. The reason for the increase in energy consumption is due to the 43.1 percent increase in the U.S. population.

From 1975 to 2007, the United States admitted 27 million immigrants. Thus direct legal immigration accounted for 31.5 percent of the U.S. population increase during this period.

Just to add a little fuel to the fire!  the full report is at

Jul 06, 2009 02:17 PM
Katerina Gasset
The Gasset Group & Get It Done For Me Virtual Services - Provo, UT
Amplify Your Real Estate & Life Dreams!

Victoria- I then welcome the immigrants because the carbon emissions are not as unhealthy as they say they are, maybe for humans, but NOT for the planet. And are not these tree huggers interested more in saving trees than saving humans? If that is the case, they should be marching in the streets for more carbons, not less.;)

Jul 06, 2009 02:21 PM
Chris Parks - ABR, GRI, e-Pro
Licensed Real Estate Broker - Poughkeepsie, NY

Anyone attend the Tea Parties from coast to coast? It's all about being against the sick increase in taxes to fund the absolute lunacy the current ruling party is cramming down everyone's throats.


Let's see how much enthusiasm for "global warming" and the rest of it will be remaining when people start paying 5 bucks or more, a gallon for gas and shiver in their homes in the winter because they can't afford to turn up the thermostat.

THEN we will see "change you can believe in."

This is utter insanity.


Jul 07, 2009 11:06 AM
Debra Leisek
Bay Realty,Inc Homer Alaska - Homer, AK

Maybe NAR needs to be convinced to oppose this unread bill... I support the new bill that would make it a law that the congress has to read the bill before they vote for it.... and then be held accountable for the damage done from the bills they make law...

we are held accountable for contracts we have prepared and our clients sign.... why in the world do the legislatures get off with not being accountable for their actions and lack of knowledge... no matter what side you are on in this issue...cant we all agree the bill should be read and understood before voted on and put into law. 1300 pages... they could be signing ANYTHING and they have no idea what they are doing...

Where is NAR?

Jul 08, 2009 08:03 PM
Chris Parks - ABR, GRI, e-Pro
Licensed Real Estate Broker - Poughkeepsie, NY

I came across this and thought I would share it with you. It should make you switch to decaffeinated.



If You Don't Hate the Cap and Trade Bill, Let Me Show You Section 304. Posted 07-08-2009 1:05 AM by Jimmie Bise I bet you thought that if you bought a house, you actually own it and can, with reasonable exceptions, do with it what you want. You probably think that if you want to live in a log cabin, with wood stoves that belch smoke into the air for heat, and an old washer and dryer that don't have those little EnergyStar stickers on them you can because it's your life and your property. You paid for it with money you earned with the sweat of your brow and what the heck is America anyhow if a body can't live in the home they want furnished with the appliances they want? Ah, silly you. You didn't reckon on the Democratic Party's desire to control every miniscule aspect of your life. Let me introduce you to a little section of the Waxman-Markey cap-and-trade bill called the "Building Energy Performance Labeling Program". It's section 304 of the bill and it says, basically, that your house belongs to the state. See, the Federal Government really wants a country full of energy-efficient homes, so much so that the bill mandates that new homes be 30 percent more energy efficient than the current building code on the very day the law is signed. That efficiency goes up to 50 percent by 2014 and only goes higher from there, all the way to 2030. That, by the way, is not merely a target but a requirement of the law. New homes must reach those efficiency targets no matter what. But what does that have to do with current homeowners like you? Well, I'm glad you asked. You're certainly not off the hook, no way, no how. Here's what the Democrats have planned for you. The program requires that states label their buildings so that we can all know how efficient every building (that includes residential and non-residential buildings) is and it requires that the information be made public. To that end, the bill suggests a number of circumstances under which the states could inspect a building, including:

(A) preparation, and public disclosure of the label through filing with tax and title records at the time of-- (i) a building audit conducted with support from Federal or State funds; (ii) a building energy-efficiency retrofit conducted in response to such an audit; (iii) a final inspection of major renovations or additions made to a building in accordance with a building permit issued by a local government entity; (iv) a sale that is recorded for title and tax purposes consistent with paragraph (8); (v) a new lien recorded on the property for more than a set percentage of the assessed value of the property, if that lien reflects public financial assistance for energy-related improvements to that building; or (vi) a change in ownership or operation of the building for purposes of utility billing; or (B) other appropriate means. Pay close attention to (iii), (iv), and (vi) because those hit you right where you live. What that's saying is the state will be empowered to inspect your home if you want to 1) renovate your house in any way that requires a building permit, 2) sell your house, or 3) change the name of the person responsible for any utility bill. By now, if you haven't swallowed your tongue and are in need of medical attention, you're probably wondering if there's a penalty for not being in compliance with the new efficiency ratings. The answer is no, and yes. Here's where the bill gets really sneaky. So far as I can tell, there is no direct penalty if your house does not meet the bill's target. However, it does require that the number of buildings inspected by the state meet certain percentage targets and if they do not, the state loses out on a significant portion of the money it could get from Washington. In other words, the bill demands certain things from the states, but ties funding for those demands to compliance with the demands. Did I say the bill gets sneaky? I was wrong. The bill strong-arms the states like a couple mob heavies leaning on a witness in a Rico trial. In turn, the states are going to put the screws to you, so it gets the billions of dollars Washington is dangling in front of them. So while the Federal government won't directly punish you, it will provide the states with lots and lots of rectangular, green reasons to do so. And it gets worse. The Federal government has graciously offered to help homeowners with the retrofits the states will force them to do through a program called the Retrofit for Energy and Environmental Purposes (REEP) REEP sets aside a pool of money in each state for property owners who have to turn their polar bear-killing buildings into lean, mean, green machines. But, and I'm sure you've guessed this already, there's a catch. Before I get to that, here's the magic formula (and don't read ahead and spoil the surprise!):

(i) AWARDS- For residential buildings-- (I) support for a free or low-cost detailed building energy audit that prescribes, as part of a energy-reducing measures sufficient to achieve at least a 20 percent reduction in energy use, by providing an incentive equal to the documented cost of such audit, but not more than $200, in addition to any earned by achieving a 20 percent or greater efficiency improvement; (II) a total of $1,000 for a combination of measures, prescribed in an audit conducted under subclause (I), designed to reduce energy consumption by more than 10 percent, and $2,000 for a combination of measures prescribed in such an audit, designed to reduce energy consumption by more than 20 percent; (III) $3,000 for demonstrated savings of 20 percent, pursuant to a performance-based building retrofit program; and (IV) $1,000 for each additional 5 percentage points of energy savings achieved beyond savings for which funding is provided under subclause (II) or (III). If you want to hit that 50 percent savings mark that all new homes have to hit, then you can get as much as $12,200, including inspection, as you scoop all those awards. That's a pretty good chunk of change that should cover most, if not all of the costs of a retrofit on any moderately-sized older house, right? Easy, peasy, lemon squeezy. Except for that catch and boy is it a doozy. (ii) MAXIMUM PERCENTAGE- Awards under clause (i) shall not exceed 50 percent of retrofit costs for each building. For buildings with multiple residential units, awards under clause (i) shall not be greater than 50 percent of the total cost of retrofitting the building, prorated among individual residential units on the basis of relative costs of the retrofit. Did you get that? You'll be on the hook for half of the cost of the retrofit, no matter what. To get the full effect of that part of the bill, I suggest you visit this web page and click the big yellow button right after you finish reading it. I think Mark Steyn sums it up rather nicely: I confess I'm finding it harder and harder to see why you fellows bothered holding a revolution. Under this bill, it will be illegal for me to sell my property to a willing buyer without first bringing it into line with some twerp bureaucrat's arbitrary and ever shifting "environmental" regulations originally designed for California, and which have helped turn the Golden State into the foldin' state, but which are nevertheless now to be applied from Maine to Alaska. And no matter what you spend a couple of years down the road the standards will be "revised" and you'll be out of compliance all over again. And the very worst thing about all this is that it is only one little bit of what the Democrats in Washington want to do to you. Are you getting a little bit upset yet? If not, here are 49 more things they want to do to you in the name of climate change . I'm sure you can find something in there that might give you a reason to contact your Senator today.

UPDATE: I forgot to mention that I found the nifty linkable form of the bill thanks to this post by Pat who runs the quite good blog And So It Goes in Shreveport . As some of you know, it's very bad mojo not to like to a blogger who provides nifty and/or useful information. Thank you also to those of you who are sending this link around on Twitter. You make a blogger's heart grow three sizes too large this morning!

If this is your first visit to AIP, feel free to leave a comment to say hello (or groan audibly about Henry Waxman's folly of a bill). While you're here, why not take a couple extra minutes to read some of the other good blog posts. The Morning Conservative Reading List is a great place to start (and a reason to visit every day!). From there you can read about Czar Mania, some strange economic polling, and a David Axelrod fact-check beatdown, just for starters. UPDATE 2: Melissa Clouthier, AIP columnist and blogger extraordinaire, asks an interesting question: Consider this for a moment. Right now, at this writing, there is a glut of new home supply. Will those homes have to be retrofitted to meet the government's 30% more fuel efficient standards? And how does one magically do this? Already, homes are being built with air-tight windows, special insulation, more efficient air conditioners, etc. What would make it more energy efficient? I'll give you a hint: think appliances. Trust me, Section 304 is but a miniscule fraction of the mandates the Democrats want to foist upon you.

Jul 08, 2009 10:14 PM
Wendy O'Donohue
Intracoastal Realty Corp. - Southport, NC

Katerina & Nestor,

Thank you for the post.  I appreciated the time and effort you put into it.

This bill is only one of many things we the people have to worry about.  Check out Bob Basso's "Thomas Paine" on YouTube.  The truth in plain English.

Wendy O

Jul 14, 2009 01:56 AM
Carla Muss-Jacobs, RETIRED
RETIRED / State License is Inactive - Portland, OR

How did I miss this? 

The polluting countries will NOT stop polluting.  China is the world's WORST polluter.  I was in North Africa in '06 and it had one smell -- DIESEL.  It's cheap, and doesn't take the lead out!  So it stinks! 

The statistic (which may be a tad SKEWED) is that US consumes 25% of the total energy worldwide.  I doubt that, first off . . . but if that's true . . . 15% of that energy is CLEAN, low-lead,no-lead . . . we recycle, we're making oil from plastics here in Portland.  I've been to very few homes that aren't updated with the high-energy efficient appliances.

Tell North Africa to stop burning DIESEL!  Tell China to stop burning so much coal, etc., etc.

Jul 15, 2009 03:53 PM
George Wilson
Lincolnton, NC - Lincolnton, NC

This is another reason I like AR. A great debate across geo-political lines. In comment #130 it's not ccow "fart" but "belches". I recently read an article, don't remember where, that a dairy farmer in an attempt to make his dairy more eco friendly did a survey that showed him (surprisingly) that his cows produced more "green house" gases than his machinery. He got an animal scientist to help him formulate a winter feed to help reduce the belch gases (summer cows feed on grass). This is another point that everything on this earth can be used to prove a point but there is still a lot that our natural science scientists haven't got a good grasp on.

Whether for or against this bill (I'm trying to read the whole thing myself & research terms I'm not familiar with; a long process) it is incumbant upon our lawmakers to read the bills they will vote on and not just rely on "cliff notes" produced by their staff who may miss items or as in same cases not even from the congressional district as the Congressman/woman is from and therefore not aware of local issues/concerns. But this is nothing new and has been going on for years since bills became more than 5 pages long. As I have said in other blogs if you don't like the representative vote him/her out of office regardless of party affliation put in someone you can "trust" to listen to your concerns.

Jul 16, 2009 04:57 AM
John Slocum
Premiere Property Group, LLC - Vancouver Washington - Vancouver, WA
Broker, SFR - Vancouver WA Real Estate

Hello Katerina, great post and follow-up discussion.  I recently heard an audio interview where Tim Sanders (formerly of Yahoo!) talked about how we could watch the alignment of the Lobbyists in DC -- those lobbyists representing the big companies that are ahead in the "low-carbon-footprint-game" such as GE, WalMart & Toyota; and how they would align themselves to push for legislation that would "promote the environmental cause" but in such a way as to both ensure and advance their Big corporations over their competitors.

Once again, Congress seems to bend to the will of the Bigs at the expense of the heart of America -- the small entrepreneurs and family run businesses.  John

PS - I still have my copy of Schumacher's: Small is Beautiful: Economics as if People Mattered -- a recommended read.

Aug 05, 2009 02:20 AM
Karen Spann
RealNova Real Estate Group - Atlanta, GA
Virtual Marketing Coordinator

This is such a great post I plan to reblog it once I complete some additional research.  I want to see how some of my national RealNova.Com partners feel about this.  Also, I would like to see what NAR plans are in addressing this industry critical issue.  Don't get me wrong, I'm all about the "GREEN INIATIVES".  However, timing is everything and this may not be the best time to implement programs and policies that may have a negative impact on real estate resells.

K. Spann


Sep 26, 2009 10:31 AM
Chris Parks - ABR, GRI, e-Pro
Licensed Real Estate Broker - Poughkeepsie, NY

Virtually ANYTHING the current administration wants to do  is designed to permanently cripple the US economy, destroy our ability to defend ourselves, and put us into socialism/communism.

And anyone that uses that universal justification: "because of Bush" has a brain best measured with a micrometer.


Sep 26, 2009 11:11 AM
Katerina Gasset
The Gasset Group & Get It Done For Me Virtual Services - Provo, UT
Amplify Your Real Estate & Life Dreams!

Chris- The biggest problem is that it is a one party system. Look at the GOP turncoats that are all mouth and no action, look at the DNC who are set up to make a fundamental change to our system. It is so sad to see them all in bed together betraying the american people to make sure their friends stay rich and then close the door on any one else who wants a part of the american dream. Katerina

Sep 26, 2009 11:24 AM
Chris Parks - ABR, GRI, e-Pro
Licensed Real Estate Broker - Poughkeepsie, NY



You are correct, but it doesn't matter which party is in power, they just take turns screwing up America different ways and costing galactic amounts of money.

Not one politician, coast to coast, should be re-elected regardless of party affiliation. If they didn't actively do all of this to America, they stood by and said nothing while it was happening. Forget Republican or Democrat, they all did it.

We have people in congress that have been there since the Eisenhower administration. We have people in congress writing tax code for you and me, but forget they had millions in income that they should have reported on their tax return. We have far out radicals as "czars" that want to put things in the drinking water to sterilize segments of the population, claim that pollution is specifically directed to poor neighborhoods, and advocate causing the USA to collapse as a method of giving everyone a fresh and equal start in a socialist run system. They do not want you to sell and profit from real estate. Profit to them is a dirty word.

This is what is actually happening, right now, in the highest reaches of our government. This is a nightmare for America.

Cap and trade is tame in comparison to the other measures they have in store for us. Cap and trade is a unilateral, USA only policy, that sandbags the USA so other countries have a chance to get ahead.


We need a trillion dollar healthcare overhaul and an energy price doubling cap and trade legislation in an economy like this, like we need a hole in the head.

Think, people.

Think about why the administration is doing this....................right now. Why now? Why, at all? Aren't they supposed to be making things better and not worse?

If you were severely in debt and the future was uncertain at best, would it be the right time to take that Visa card with a $50K limit and have a spending spree at the mall?


Then why is the administration essentially doing the same thing and why are the people not standing up and saying no?

We would be no worse off, right now, if the administration literally did nothing at all.


Chris Parks - ABR, e-Pro, GRI - Accelerated


Sep 26, 2009 12:00 PM
Chris Parks - ABR, GRI, e-Pro
Licensed Real Estate Broker - Poughkeepsie, NY

Start adding up Obama's "hope and change."  Here’s just some of the wonderful things the guy YOU elected is doing to the USA.

Your energy prices will double for an America crippling 'global warming" legislation that NO other nation on earth is going to implement.

So while YOU are helping to "save the planet" by paying double for every kind of energy, the Chinese will be riding around in the Hummers that were declared evil here, (because we sold them the business.) And let’s not forget that Hummers are/were used by our military. What will we do now? Buy our military vehicles from China, when we used to own the factories?

The Chinese are also installing one dirty coal burning power plant a month, while Obama is "hoping" that wind chime power will address our energy needs.

Where is the actual “gain” for the planet when millions of Chinese drive the very same Hummers you can’t drive anymore, and have nice warm well lit houses powered by coal, while we shiver with the thermostat turned down, but happy because we are saving the planet? Change YOU can believe in! What a great guy that Obama is!

Then there is the health care reform that virtually nobody wants that will cost you thousands more per year in taxes. The morons in Washington are so giddy about this one, they want to give free healthcare to illegal aliens, oh, and the savings will come by limiting healthcare for senior citizens, and of course……….you.

 And I am sure that all of you Realtors out there will be thrilled to know that the lunatics are now pushing for "net neutrality" which will provide "FREE" internet for EVERYBODY, but all controlled by the government, all in the name of "social justice."

It’s FREE! Except that they are using 7 billion in “stimulus” money (you remember that don’t you?) to get it started. After that, our taxes will go up to cover the free internet. All so some unemployed jerk can type “ R U OK?” to his friends, at our expense.

We need another American Revolution.



Chris Parks - ABR, e-Pro, GRI - Accelerated


Oct 20, 2009 10:20 PM
Brian Morgenweck, Broker/Owner Power Realty Group, Hackensack NJ

I'm with you, Chris Parks! Hopefully, people wake up very soon before it actually comes to that. It seems not too far off, unfortunately.

American Revolution...The Obama administration of one-sided, liberal cry-babies has the "Revolting" part down but they have no understanding of the "American". They are moving to destroy the very foundation of sanity & greatness upon which this country was built. The alarm clock can't get much louder.

I responded to this post back in July with the following:

"Politics"... Poly = many, Tics = blood-sucking parasites...enough said.

PS I'd dress like The Pres for Halloween but really don't want people seeing the costume & yelling,

"Hey! Fun Ghoul!"

Be careful, Brian...the Censorship Czar may be reading!!!

Oct 26, 2009 03:52 AM
Brian Morgenweck, Broker/Owner Power Realty Group, Hackensack NJ

I'm with you, Chris Parks! Hopefully, people wake up very soon before it actually comes to that. It seems not too far off, unfortunately.

American Revolution...The Obama administration of one-sided, liberal cry-babies has the "Revolting" part down but they have no understanding of the "American". They are moving to destroy the very foundation of sanity & greatness upon which this country was built. The alarm clock can't get much louder.

I responded to this post back in July with the following:

"Politics"... Poly = many, Tics = blood-sucking parasites...enough said.

PS I'd dress like The Pres for Halloween but really don't want people seeing the costume & yelling,

"Hey! Fun Ghoul!"

Be careful, Brian...the Censorship Czar may be reading!!!

Oct 26, 2009 03:52 AM