David Neagle’s Free Coaching Call Can Yield Resuts for Real Estate Professionals

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I have been a client and student of professional coaching programs for more than a decade making the transition from virtual learning programs to personalized coaching to make quantum leaps in the growth of my businesses. Once I gained a more complete understanding of the value of professional coaching, the financial investment in programs where placed into a clear perspective.

I have worked with a variety of remarkable people in amazing programs which account for much of what I now teach in my own coaching practice built upon the guidance given to me by my coaches. As a result of these tremendous experiences I continue to seek out opportunities to engage in and share programs from other coaches, teaching new topics, or entirely new methods in order to make major advancements in my business and life.

I was made aware of the work of Master Coach David Neagle by my friend and colleague Mary Kay Morgan. Having just completed Mr. Neagle's "Art of Success" program, I am eager to learn more and therefore am excited to share a unique opportunity to engage in a free coaching session conducted by David Neagle on July 8, 2009 The program in called "Recession Rescue with Results," and it comes at the perfect time for business owners of all kinds including those with traditional businesses, Realtors, Mortgage Bankers, Sales Professionals, Attorneys, Wealth Advisers, Internet Marketers, Network Marketers, Direct Sellers, Service Providers, Product Developers, and anyone wanted to create more wealth and success in a challenging economic environment.

On this Mega-Announcement call, you’ll also learn:

  • The single biggest and very real economic change affecting entrepreneurs that has already taken place in today’s economy, but that no one is thinking about, let alone accounting for.
  • What a Winter economic climate means for: YOUR marketing, YOUR price points, and the importance of “tangible deliverables” within YOUR offers.
  • Why maintaining the status quo in the current climate, especially in your business model and marketing strategy, is a recipe for ruin.
  • How and why YOUR business structure and positioning might actually be blocking big money from flowing in … AND what you can do immediately to open the doors to receive! (READ: Make more sales!!)

For me, this is about living my life purpose, my core beliefs and what I teach to my private students every day: That the creation of abundance in all forms is directly tied to WHO we’re BEING and the impact we’re creating (in terms of service to humanity) in the world. To reserve your free spot on the call follow this link: Make Your Reservation Here

David Neagle knows how to help you achieve whatever it is you desire in life. When a tragic accident nearly took his life many years ago, David awakened to the potential previously untapped within him. He made a decision that day to begin the journey responsible for changing his entire life, and now the lives of thousands of others.

After his brush with death, David began to study his own potential. In only 12 months, and with one simple change in his thinking, he tripled his income! Within the next two years the former high school drop-out was an executive corporate manager, a stock investor, and a business owner! David continually sought new mentors with each new level of success he attained. He began to study every great person in history! It wasn't until David began studying The Science of Getting Rich, by Wallace D. Wattles, that he fully understood the transformation he'd undergone. Wattles' book uncovered the exact change in David's thinking and in his attitude that had gotten the ball rolling; to create his unstoppable success. Biography Taken from David Neagle's Website I am personally going to be on the all July 8th and I will be participating in the complete training program that is being made available in a unique, high value format. If you would like to learn more visit: Make Your Reservation Here

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