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Tacoma Voted Best Housing Market by Moodys

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 No one can predict the future, but when a city the size of Tacoma, (often in the shadow of larger northwest cities when it comes to real estate reporting) is declared the best bet for price appreciation from 2008-2013, it's hard not to be flattered and excited. This report was put out by Moodys based on information in the Case-Shiller Index.

10 Best Markets:

Tacoma, WA (metro area) 20.7%
Boulder, CO 17.5%
Toledo, OH 16.7%
Memphis, TN 16.5%
Pittsburgh 16.0%
Cleveland 14.4%
Dayton, OH 13.6%
Akron, OH 13.4%
San Jose, CA 13.3%
Colorado Springs, CO 13.3%

10 Worst Markets:

Miami (metro area) -40.3%
Orlando, FL -33.3%
Fort Lauderdale, FL (metro area) -26.4%
Jacksonville, FL -32.2%
Riverside, CA -25.6%
Los Angeles (metro area) -22.9%
West Palm Beach, FL (metro area) -20.2%
Tampa, FL -19.6%
Virginia Beach, VA -18.2%
New York -18.1%

Source: Fiserv, Moody’s Economy.com I live in Tacoma and I love this city. Nothing would make me happier than seeing that kind of appreciation. Regardless of how much stock you put in the Case-Shiller Index, it's great to see good things said about Tacoma. Go back and look, I didn't see the word "Seattle" anywhere in that article...

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