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TrendMLS shows the following ( on July 2,2009) for Cherry Hill, New Jersey.

Homes for sale: 667

Single detached homes for sale: 499

Homes under contract:  98

Homes for sale categorized as needing "TLC": 25 (You can bet there are another hundred needing TLC and you won't know till you get there)

Homes sold (settled) in June 2009: 61

Homes for sale with at least 3BR, 2full baths, garage, basement: 275,  price under $300,000 - 90

That leaves a lot to choose from for the average first time buyer and a lot of competition for the average seller.  

When the first time buyer tax credit expires on November 30th the effect will be that of an immediate $8000 increase in price across the board for all qualified first time buyers. It is unlikely that beyond that point any additional slide in home prices will make that up. 

When you hire a buyers agent - avoid the BS (bait and switch) hire the whole office. Realty, is a member of NAEBA (National Association of Exclusive Buyer Agents) covering South Jersey and Central Jersey. My office is in Cherry Hill. If you are looking for a home in the next 6 months, have a 650 plus credit score and are employed, call Paul today. For more on NAEBA visit NAEBA

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