How do you motivate yourself?

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I am an upbeat person. I alway try and see the positive outcome in a situation or how to make the best of a situation.  I have realized that not everyone has this trait. Some people alway see the negative, alway complain about this or that instead of seeing the opportunity within the situation.

I believe it's personal motivation that makes us into who we are.  If you have the attitude that no one can stop you, no one can and you probably see the positive rather than the negative in a situation and find opportunity where others can not.  Although, even in the toughest times, ones motivation might be challenged or hit some rough spots. 

So how do you motivate yourself? I have found that I need to constantly change how I motivate myself.  The constant changing keeps it fresh and exciting to me, which is characteristic of my personality type: D and I. :)  Here are some things that I have done in the past to motivate me:

  • Getting up 30 minutes earlier and doing a workout video - it gave me energy in the morning and woke up my mind prior to getting into the office.  I also found that I had more energy throughout the day when doing this.  I talked myself into it by saying it's only 30 minutes earlier. I hit snooze for 30 minutes. I didn't take on a full hour workout, just something to get the blood bumping and that would work with the timeframe that I have.
  • Doing yoga in the morning - I would switch back and forth between The Biggest Loser Workouts and Yoga DVDs for my morning workout. I found that yoga really helped me relax and cener my attention. Originally I wasn't a fan of yoga. I am a runner and feel you need to sweat and be breathing hard to get a workout. So when I couldn't really move the day after my first yoga class. I knew I had to change my thinking.
  • Check Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and other social networks in the morning, noon, and night.  I found that I was constantly checking my social network accounts which started to prohibit me from working.  So I realized I had to stop this.  I found that if I could get online and check my social networking sites after my workout it gave me a dedicated time to do it. I would then check it prior to going to lunch. I did it prior to lunch because there was a definite end point. So it wouldn't go on into the afternoon.  Then I would check it at night.  Again, there is a definite end point - how long my eyes can stay open. :)  While this did not directly affect my motivation, it indirectly did because it gave me my time back.
  • Audiobooks - I have a 20 minute drive to work. So I would listen to music and just bee-bop along till I got to the office and then try and focus once at my desk.  About a year ago, I purchased an audiobook for a long car ride. The book was Good to Great - excellent book btw.  I found that I was so motivated at the end of the car ride that I could hardly contain myself. I needed to get out and DO something!  So I thought to myself. If I listen to an audiobook on the way to work, how pumped up would I be once I got to work?  I tried it and the results are amazing!  I have a great mental focus as soon as I get out of my car, and I am ready to take on the day.  You can also download audiobooks onto your ipod. So you don't have to worry about carrying the CDs or losing one.
  • Podcasts - I tried podcasts a couple years ago when the buzz came out and I didn't really get it.  So I thought I would give it a try again.  I am pleasantly surprised. I went onto iTunes website, clicked on "podcasts", and  then clicked  on "business" (all on the left side) and a bunch of podcasts came up. I decided to try some podcasts on sales and project management. These podcasts are free!  There are some you have to pay for, but there are a lot of them that you do not have to pay for.  I recently subscribed to Sales Gravy, Zig Ziglars motivational podcast, PM, and real estate investor. I need to throw out that you might want to listen to a couple of podcasts prior to concluding if you like it or not because you might be listening to a bad topic or podcast, but all the other ones might be awesome.

So what motivates you?  I have heard people making dream boards, which I have entertained doing, but haven't just yet.  I have heard people getting coaches to hold you accountable. So I am thinking they also motivate as well.

Please feel free to share how you motivate you!



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