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4th of July is upon us and a word of thanks to the four legged soldiers and law enforcement.

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With Fourth of July weekend here I want to give a shout out to the dogs that serve this country.  I know handlers out there that depend on these partners to do a very dangerous job.  They are sent into mind fields sniffing for bombs.  We also have bomb sniffing dogs here in the states that work airports and other points of entry.  I know of a dog (Rex) that has sniffed the President's motorcade to make sure it is safe.  He has also done this for other dignitaries. 

My other reason for bringing this up now is that some of these dogs when retired or disabled from active service are euthanized.  I think this is a shame.  The men and woman that serve with these dogs ask for our help.  They get very emotional when they tell you that a dog that served with them was euthanized because the dog got hurt doing their job and was put down.  Many of these dogs can be placed with homes. 

Many people do not realize that these wonderful courageous dogs need homes.  So I am putting the word out.

Here is a Youtube video worth watching.  Click here to watch "War Dog".

Here is a site that helps place these dogs.  Click here.

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