San Pedro & Long Beach: A Great Investment in Southern California Beach Real Estate

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When anyone considers investments, one cliche holds remarkably true. When it comes to the supply of real estate, ‘ They aren't making any more.' This goes quadruple for beach real estate and demand is always going up.

Southern California is one of the most expensive housing markets in the United States and beach properties are at a premium from Santa Barbra to San Diego. So why can you get seaside homes within ten blocks or less of the ocean for around a half million dollars (give or take) in San Pedro & Long Beach? What's wrong with this picture? Maybe nothing.

San Pedro is located on the southern flank of the Palos Verdes Peninsula, home to some of the pricier neighborhoods in Los Angeles. Traditionally a working class area next to L.A. Harbor, San Pedro is one of the oldest neighborhoods in town with many charming homes dating to the early 1900's. There 's not much beach area in San Pedro because of the harbor, but there are some spectacular view homes and plenty of fresh air. There are also some wonderful, secluded beaches below the bluffs just five minutes away on the Pacific Ocean side of the peninsula.

Which brings me to one of the most interesting areas in San Pedro.

Out on the bluffs,  just past Point Fermin over-looking the Pacific Ocean & Catalina is a small neighborhood of nice, post-war tract homes (some newer & larger) which can be had for substantially less than a million dollars. Substantially. I can't empasise the incredible value of this area enough. There are also some serious estate properties on the cliffs by the ocean which I think are exceptional given the unequalled views and lush serenity of this area.

Though San Pedro has been steadily ‘gentrifying' for the last ten years, it's real estate market has been devalued 20% to 30% over the last year making it an even better value for investors.

Long Beach is just south of L.A. Harbor. With property values here dropping 20% to 40% over the last year, Long Beach like San Pedro is a fantastic value with a very different story.

Also a ‘harbor town,' Long Beach never had the laid back, high rent  image of some of the surrounding communities. And it shouldn't. Long Beach has been a fully developed city in it's own right, complete with high-rise buildings since the 1920's. Long Beach has been struggling to re-establish itself as a major urban hub since bringing in the Grand Prix race in the 1970's, and it's succeeding. Sparkling office & condominium towers line the bluff along Ocean Blvd., they've brought in the World Trade  & Convention Center, renovated the old downtown district on Long Beach Blvd. (with MetroLink access,) and completely redeveloped the marina with theaters, malls, restaurants & a new small boat harbor. There's also a wide, white sand beach which stretches for several miles just south of the city center.

So why can you still get beautiful homes here on the beach for around a million dollars, and within blocks of ocean for sometimes less than half that? Because San Pedro and Long Beach are the two of best values in Southern California real estate today. There are also fantastic deals on multi-unit properties available in both towns and Long Beach has a large inventory of unsold, high-rise view condos on the bluffs overlooking the ocean in the center of the redevelopment area. Drop me a line anytime if you'd like more details or want to go and check out these great opportunities for yourself.

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Mary Alice Donahue
The City/Local Magazine in LA SLC LV SD VC SB - Los Angeles, CA

Hi Andrew!

I like this post, and I wish more people understood that the opportuniies that you are talking about are amazing. Although I am north of you by 60 miles or so in Ventura County, we are seeing some of the same reduction in listing prices up here as well.

If I were trying to explain the investment possibilities to an out of area buyer though, I would put up a few pictures of Pedro and LB on this same blog; no need to rewrite, as your writing is quit strong. Just a visual aid. Many people do not realize what gems Pedro and LB are!


Mary Alice Donahue



Jul 02, 2009 11:03 AM
Andrew Jones
Horizon Pacific Realty - Los Angeles, CA
LA Beach Cities Homes 310-399-3740

Thanks for your comment and good advice Mary Alice. I've put fotos on some of my other posts, but you know what they say about the worth of pictures and words.

If you're in L.A. some time soon you should check out the area past Pt. Fermin in San Pedro that I referred to if you're not already familiar with it. Just follow Gaffey or Pacific towards the ocean until they terminate at Paseo del Mer and then follow that street westward. Some of your clients relocating to South Bay or Long Beach may really appreciate both the serenity and teriffic value of this area.

Best Regards

Andy Jones - Horizon Pacific Realty CA / iREALTY NV

Jul 02, 2009 11:34 AM

Excellent stuff. Here is a recent update on San Pedro real estate:

Apr 15, 2016 03:22 AM