Voice versus Text - Which technology wins the battle of call capture service?

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Here at Buyer Acquire we just announced a release of an enhanced text messaging feature that allows a potential buyer to receive a text message of the property details (including a virtual URL tour), listen to the property details over the phone, or both during the same phone call. While we have always supported text messaging this new enhancement simplifies the process and makes the text feature more User friendly.

This new release made me think about which service wins the battle of call capture? As we all know there are plenty of options available in both technologies. Interestingly enough our research so far shows the answer to be heavily influenced based on age. Well to me this makes sense since we all will naturally lean towards what we are most comfortable using.

So my questions for you:

In your opinion which technology wins the battle today? Voice or Text

How about in the future?

Is there a feature or function missing in the call capture industry? 


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