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One of my teenaged daughters recently left home for a summer student exchange program in Costa Rica.  Now... I have forever been a real travelbug so I'm thrilled to hear of her adventures and to learn about the details that define the culture of the small, Central American country. After I read her e-mails, I find myself Googling everything I can about Costa Rica even real estate for sale. Bright colored, stucco homes with courtyards wait in quiet villages for the right family to come along.  I peruse the photos, wondering what retirement in a warm climate would be like...Retirement???? Way too far away for me. So instead, my thoughts drift toward entrepreneurship there...Oh to be the one to bring home staging to the forefront of real estate marketing in some sunny, exotic place where siestas reign as a favorite pastime, barefoot is the dress code and the sound of wind in the palms beats out the sound of rain on the rooftops. I glance now at the pineapple and mangos that grace my fruitbowl, and begin to figure out how to say "Spruce It Up! Home Staging" in Spanish.




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Liz Harrison President/Staging Consultant

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Linda D. Pufford
Stage with Divine Style - Home Staging - Novato, CA
ASPM, Marin/Sonoma Home Stager


First of all I want to say I think you should be a writer...by the time I read what you wrote about Costa Rica I could see myself being there.  You have a way with words!!!

It is fabulous when we can think outside the box...and Staging in another country would certainly top the charts.  I think it would be great to even virtually Stage these gorgeous homes.  I think you are on to something here!!!










Jul 04, 2009 02:44 PM
Maureen Bray Portland OR Home Stager ~ Room Solutions Staging
Room Solutions Staging, Portland OR - Portland, OR
"Staging Consultations that Sell Portland Homes"

Liz -- as you know I've had the experience of moving to another country and starting up a business.  It's really an adventure and also extremely challenging so you have to be flexible and always have a back up plan!  But I'm a firm believer in following your dream so keep focusing on what you really want and then go for it!

Jul 05, 2009 03:40 AM
Liz Harrison
Spruce It Up! Oregon's Real Estate Stager - Salem, OR
ASP, Home Staging Consultant

Thank you ladies!  Maureen-Iluvyagirl!  You continue to be, as always, such a supporter of my efforts and my ambitions! I was just telling a friend today about your years working in Ireland.  You suggested a back-up plan.  Well, Linda ( Linda D. Pufford, ASPM, Marin County Home Stager suggested I be a writer! Also a dream of mine. We Irish-blooded folks love to wordsmith!  Perhaps my international business plan should include staging and writing staging books in Spanish!  Or just writing about all those barefoot days when I'm not staging!

Jul 05, 2009 03:00 PM