Foreclosure Dump To Hit Market

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Today on Fox News it was announced that a new release of foreclosures was on the horizon.  How sad is this going to be for us Realtors - let along for our Pre-Existing Home Sellers.  How many buyers are calling Realtors and stating they want to buy a foreclosed property - and now the government is wanting to hand them $14,999 through Neighborhood Stabilization Programs.  Our sellers who are wanting or needing to sell their houses are going to be put on the back burner or else offered ridiculously lower prices on their homes.  And the foreclosures are being offered at ridiculously high prices for the mess and destruction that they are.  So our sellers won't be selling - bank owned property won't be selling - and we'll still be in this mess of a stagnant home market.  So Banks - get real on your listing prices, get real on taking a offer when it's submitted and quit trying to squeeze that last $2000 - $5000 out of a buyer who's already buying junk, and get this stuff off your books and start opening checking and savings accounts so you can make real loans instead of trying to be Realtors.

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