Getting organized... ha!

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Wow, what a great holiday weekend!  I did nothing to get myself organized, that is what I thought I would do with the extra day off...  When you have young children though they get bored sooo easily, then they drive you crazy!  So I took them to the waterpark and to a hotel to hang out, swim and watch the fireworks!  It was so much fun!  I actually really enjoyed my time with them and I love the water play!  Now I sit on Monday morning looking at my list of contacts and business cards that need to get into my database!  Over time it will get done.  I give myself a goal of getting no less than 10 entered per day until I am all caught up.  That should work.  I also will need to make files for my office and set up my new marketing campaigns.  Some of the sites I will be using is The Wise Agent and Send Out Cards.  These are both great products for our business.  Wise Agent is a database with marketing tools, very inexpensive, great customer service, and geared for the Real Estate Agent.  However, I can modify and use it as a title rep also.  I just joined Send Out Cards and am very excited about getting my account all set up.  It will make thank you's and thinking of you's alot easier to get to clients and potentials...  We must do a little each day towards our own marketing as well as the task of prospecting and following up with current clients....  :)

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