Dont loose that feeling!!!

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I have been in the mortgage lending industry for years. It amazes me how sales people tend to loose focus on what their main job is. The job of a succesfull residential lender is to make peoples dreams come true. I have told my team for years "When you loose that happy feeling at the closing when the brown envelope comes across the desk to the new homeowner-complete with new keys and the garage door opener-get out of the business".  When you loose that feeling, your client has gone from being a client to a file. 

People do business with people like themselves.  Be honest, be upfront and be ethical.  If you can return calls, go to meetings early and stay late-you will be successful.  The days of loans falling out of the trees and landing in your lap are over. You will earn your money and there is business out there to be had.

Lets turn this market around one smile at a time! One happy client at a time.

Dont loose that feeling!!!





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