Why Does My Edmonton House Have 2 Addresses?

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My insurance company is looking for the “legal address” of the home? I don’t get it. I gave them the address in North Edmonton but they didn’t want that. Can you help me out here? Did I buy the wrong house?

- Sandra

Hey There Sandra;

What they’re referring to is the LEGAL DESCRIPTION of the property, which was given to it when it was just an empty lot. This description is a LOT/BLOCK/PLAN description, or in the case of a condo it’s a PLAN/UNIT description.

This more obscure address is a definite address, meaning it will never change. In the past, the city has changed the addresses of homes. They’ve changed Calgary Trail North to Gateway Boulevard. They added NW to the entire city. About 40 years ago they added 100 to all the street numbers. But the legal address, or legal description, never ever changes.

I hope this helps.

- John Carle
ReMax Real Estate Edmonton

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