Camcorder Recommendations?

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I am looking at upgrading to the Canon HV30 for my video tours.  Does anyone have this camcorder?  Any other recommendations? 

I really want to be able to produce a high quality product, but am afraid that this camera may be overkill for just posting the videos to the web.  I also use PlaceTour for my video hosting and am unsure if the video will just be compressed for the web anyway...

Any recommendations/advice would be greatly appreciated!

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Ray Hwang
VideosByAddress - Washington, DC

I say get the Canon HV30.  This camera is probably one of the best HD cameras you can buy at the prosumer level, and you can get one of these from for around $500.  If you're trying to produce videos for the web, you definitely don't need anything more.  I don't even recommend HD cameras for the web because of numerious issues with media delivery over the web.  The difference between a high quality video shot with a regular video camera and a HD video camera is minimal when viewing over the web.  The second issue is HD is that the compression and editing technology hasn't evolved yet.  Still, I'm sure PlaceTour can do the job.  It wasn't a problem for us.

Going back to the camera, this camcorder has really good CMOS sensors.  While some professionals swear CMOS sensors as 2nd class, there are many tests that prove that CMOS sensors are just as good as 3CCD, if not better, in HD.  The one clear advantage 3CCD cameras seem to have is better low light capturing.  But Canon HV30 has great settings to over come this.  If not, you can always get a camera light for $35 (

If you want the name recognition, then get a Sony.  Depending on which model, Sony's are either better or worse than Canon.  One thing Sony cameras do well are low light recording.  Otherwise, why pay more?

Jul 20, 2009 09:43 AM